Careers In Law Enforcement

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  • Careers in law enforcement include: Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol, Corrections, Government Investigators, Intelligence, Security, Dispatch, Police Assistants, and many more.
  • Not all jobs are street cops! There are various jobs in the law enforcement field and many don't have age restrictions or strict physical requirements. Even if you are not cut out for the fast-paced duties of conventional law enforcement there are many jobs in communications, crime scene investigation, and various other support positions that allow you to serve your community and contribute to homeland defense.
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  • Honesty and integrity are the main requirement. Law enforcement is a great career choice... but only for those who are honest, motivated and dedicated to serving the taxpayers. We only seek those with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and dedication. Most agencies allow for past mistakes but applicants need to search their own souls to know that when you accept this calling you live up to the high ideals of your agency.
  • Benefits are incredible compared to the private sector. In addition to attractive hourly rates, most law enforcement careers include excellent health care and retirement benefits, as well as paid vacations, overtime, court time, and other incentives such as shift pay or hazardous duty pay.  Often shifts are not the usual 5 days a week, allowing you more time with the family, or for recreation.

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